Race Day Info

Line up at our Golden Gates

Open practice every Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm before the Sunday race day (see schedule for further details)

Gates open @ 6:00am | Registration 7:00 – 8:30am | Practice begins 8:30am | Racing immediately following practice

Race entry fees

Gate fee $10 per person (riders and spectators)

$30 for one class and only $20 if you race a second class (no membership required)

Early registration will be available on the Saturday afternoon on race weekends and there is free camping


  • 50CC 1- Pee Wee (Yamaha PW)
  • 50cc 2-JR Pee Wee MX (Ages 4 to 8) KTM, Cobra , etc
  • 50cc 3- SR Pee Wee (Advanced, Ages 7 to 8)
  • 65cc class (up to age 11)
  • Jr Mini Bike MX (9-13, 65cc-85cc max wheels 17F-15R)
  • 85cc class (Ages 9-11)
  • Sr Mini 12-15 Big or Little wheels 2 or 4 stroke
  • Supermini (100cc, under the age 15)
  • Schoolboy (85cc-125cc 2 Stroke, up to 250cc 4 stroke, Ages 12-15)
  • 250 Lites A Class (Expert 125cc-250cc)
  • Open A Class (Expert, 250cc-450cc)
  • 250 Lites B Class (Intermediate, 125cc- 250cc)
  • Open B Class (Intermediate, 250cc- 450cc)
  • 250 Lites C Class (Novice, 125cc-250cc)
  • Open C Class (Novice, 250cc- 450cc)
  • Vet + 25 class
  • Vet +30 class (A and B/C)
  • Vet +45 class
  • Womens class JR 85cc-112cc
  • Womens class SR 99cc-250cc
  • Beginners Open Class (125cc- 450cc, less than 2 years riding experience)
  • Collegeboy B/C 14- 25 years of age

Quads Classes

  • 50cc (Ages: 4 to 8)
  • 70cc (Ages: 7 to 11)
  • 90cc (Ages: 8 to 13)
  • Schoolboy (Ages 13-15)
  • 450cc A (201cc –open)
  • 450cc B (201cc – open)
  • 450cc C (201cc – open)

All classes are subject to change and additional classes may be added depending on number of riders interested in the class.


  • 450 A and 250 A class will have a 200% payout
  • Each 450 A and 250 A class 4 race Outlaw Series winner will receive a bonus $1,000 for winning each class (win both A classes overall series point and receive $2,000 in addition to daily 200% payout)
  • Quad A Class payout will have a 80% payout
  • All Vet A classes will have a 80% payout
  • All 50cc riders will receive an award!

Race Flags

There is zero tolerance at Roaring Knob MX for no adhering to these flags. Any rider not adhering to these flags will be disqualified and asked to leave the track.


There will be track concession food available and the Xtreme Powersports track store for any of your bike needs such as tires, tubes, chains, handlebars, variety of brake levers and clutch levers, oils, racing clothes and gear, race fuel, and other various other items.  Xtreme Powersports will provide tire changing services and bike support. Other track vendors/services will be TrueMX for your google needs and Pro Action Suspension for your bike suspension services.